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Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Sofia Wellman

Sofia Wellman’s warm smile makes you comfortable immediately. She doesn’t act like she is beyond the audience’s level of personal growth. She will be the first to tell you that she is challenged every day to stay in integrity with what she believes and teaches. It is her genuine enthusiasm that draws the listener in. Sprinkled with humor, she can reach people where others have tried and failed. She says, “We want those we look up to be free of any imperfection, but that fallacy takes away a layer of authenticity to what they say, and the meaning cannot be fully integrated.” Sofia doesn’t want her audience to be in awe of her but to discover how to be in awe of themselves. There is no undertone of guilt or shame for those who aren’t ready to dive in.

Each person discovers the meaning of life at his or her own pace. Sofia formulates her teachings from a plethora of experiences. She says, “Some people pull apart objects to study, but since I was a child, I pulled apart each experience to discover the personal application to my life.” Her new thought teachings are a fusion of mystical interpretation with practical application. The combination allows us to experience positive change, where before, learning a new way of thinking may have been limited to emotional and intellectual stimulation.

Sofia Wellman is an inspirational keynote speaker for diverse events — from real estate seminars to personal growth symposiums. Her message is meant to facilitate positive change through self-exploration. She is a dynamic interviewee for mediums, such as podcasts, talk shows, and radio. Sofia is available for workshops designed around the principles of her book, If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot and her movies, Death as Life and What’s Love Got To Do With It.

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