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Are we born knowing how to love? Or is it something we learn? Does time cause love to blossom and grow or contract and diminish? Love is a word often used to emphasize extreme emotion such as, I love you; I love ice cream; I love my job, but do we really understand love? Do we even experience it the same way? What’s Love Got To Do With It exposes the connection between us as it contemplates love. Featuring thought-provoking experts who follow the trajectory of love from a scientific, psychological, and spiritual view. Interwoven is the everyday person trying to define love as part of their journey.

Among the riveting experts featured in What’s Love Got To Do With It are Dan Siegel, Michael Bernard Beckwith, James Van Praagh, Allan Schore, Beatrice Beebe, Pat Ogden, Gloria Karpinski, Kathy Steele, Alan Sroufe, Randi Kreger, Barbara Findeisen, and many more thought-provoking personalities.