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Why Me?

Why Me by Sofia Wellman
No matter what our beliefs are, when life appears to be against us, it’s hard not to ask, why me?

“One of the things we all tend to do is ask this rhetorical question, isn’t it?  We always say, ‘Well why me? Why has this happened to me?’  Right?  And you know the answer to that spiritually is well why not you? What makes you so special to believe that you can avoid what is natural and obvious in life, which is that life is unsatisfactory; life is suffering; life is pain.”

An excerpt from the film, Death as Life.

During times when it’s difficult to cope with life, find peace by watching, “Death as Life” – A healing after loss film. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Sofia Wellman is a filmmaker, author, and speaker. While she travels the country for her work, her home base is Atlanta. Her most recent creative works are the films, What’s Love Got To Do With It and Death as Life, and the book, If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot. You can contact Sofia through her website, sofiawellman.com.

Watch Death as Life from the comfort of home. Available on most digital platforms for rent or purchase!

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  1. Brittney G. says:

    This is a great message for me to read today. Thinking I can’t take anymore was asking myself why me then bam saw this. Puts things in perspective none of us can avoid this is part of living. Seems like it gets harder though. Thanks for the reminder.


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