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Deathbed Visions are common among those who are dying. Just because we, who are living, are not privy to the same peak into the other side, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Sofia Wellman - Death as Life - Deathbed Visions

“If somebody says that they see somebody in the corner, we always say, don’t say, ‘Oh there’s nobody there.’

Say, ‘Well, what are they wearing? What are they telling you?’

If you listen, you can hear some pretty incredible kinds of things.

We had a woman who had a relative who committed suicide, and the family had put a secrecy around it and said not to tell the patient because this person was so special to her. Well, guess who came to see her before she was ready to die, and all the family is saying, ‘Who told her, who told her?’

And everybody said, ‘we never told her. We never told her.’ But this person was there to help with the transition.

So we always say to people, enter into their reality. Don’t try and bring them back to yours.”

An excerpt from the film, Death as Life.

Sofia Wellman - Filmmaker - Author

Sofia Wellman is a filmmaker, author, and speaker. While she travels the country for her work, her home base is Atlanta. Her most recent creative works are the films, What’s Love Got To Do With It, Death as Life, and Freedom to Love, a series of short films, and the book, If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot. You can contact Sofia through her website,

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