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Sofia Wellman - If the Shoe Fits Go Barefoot - Living Your Life on Purpose

Living Your Life on Purpose –

It takes courage to open our heart and to understand who we are.

“When we understand who we are, what we think we want suddenly becomes insignificant.” ~ An excerpt from If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot by Sofia A. Wellman

Very Worthwhile Read

In "If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot," Sofia A. Wellman does a nice job explaining complex concepts in ways that are understandable. She takes you on a journey, which includes her own journey, to find meaning and fulfillment in life. Moving from the outer world to the inner world, Sofia encourages you to explore your most important relationship — the one with yourself! The first time I read this book I learned the information. While reading the book a second time I was able to go to a deeper level with the material, but most importantly to a deeper knowing of myself. I can’t wait to see what happens the third time I read it! It is truly a book that with every reading the value gained increases. "If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot" showed up in my life with perfect timing, and I am grateful for that!

B. Riedler
Sofia Wellman - Filmmaker - Author

Sofia Wellman is a filmmaker, author, and speaker. While she travels the country for her work, her home base is Atlanta. Her most recent creative works are the films, What’s Love Got To Do With It, Death as Life, and Freedom to Love, a series of short films, and the book, If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot. You can contact Sofia through her website,

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